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Simone Ongoongotau


I’m from Florida and have been living in Utah now for 2 years. Happily married to my college sweetheart. I am an empty nester. My daughter is now going on her sophomore year at the University of Hawaii. I love being outdoors, hiking, swimming or anything outside. I do love to bake, travel and shop.

Ron Mortensen


I love teaching and meeting people from other cultures. After getting my BA in Spanish and English from BYU, I taught in LA and then Saudi Arabia for the national oil company’s training programs. I was able to work in various areas, including curriculum development creating textbooks and exams, and eventually as Department Chair of English and General Studies for their College Prep Program. I also mentored the Speech and Drama Clubs. I now greatly enjoy teaching in the Alpine Adult Ed program. My interests include swimming, traveling, and being creative: designing stained glass for my home, writing, and portrait drawing.

Julienne Vance


This is my first year teaching for this program and I absolutely love it!  I have my bachelor’s degree in secondary education pedagogy and have taught many years, off and on, mostly substituting as my children grew up.  Early in my career, I also taught at the missionary training center in Provo, UT, teaching the Tagalog language.  I have an intense love for immigrants trying to integrate into our communities and want to do everything I can to empower them in achieving their goals here in the United States.  I have found my home here with the Alpine Adult Education program and am so excited to be working with all the excellent teachers and staff here.

Sonya Gneiting

 I have been teaching ESL for 10 years now, six years here in the Adult Education Program at Alpine District.  I feel like this is my dream job. I absolutely love teaching and helping people to understand the English language and American culture. It has been so rewarding to know that I am an instrument in helping many people feel successful here in this country. I understand the challenges of learning a new language because I have lived in 2 foreign countries. I too, had to try and learn the language of their countries and integrate into their culture. It was a very eye-opening experience. I love these people and they have become my friends.
      I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I love to spend time with them. In my free time, I love to exercise and watch movies. I also love to travel. Learning about new cultures is fun for me.

Rachel Keket


Hi! I am Rachel Keket. I was born and raised in New Mexico. I attended BYU in Provo and graduated from BYU Hawaii in 2011. My degree is in International Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Communications. I really enjoy the diversity of the world and am fascinated by how people communicate and the beauty of each language and culture. While at school, I met my husband who is from Papua New Guinea.  We now have 4 kids. Being married to an immigrant has given me insight into the struggles of coming to a new place and facing a new culture head on. I have worked in various professions but teaching is my favorite.

I now teach English in the Adult Education Program. After three years I can still say that I love it. Helping students connect with others and gain understanding and confidence with their communication is so important and so fulfilling. I am grateful to be part of a program that is geared towards helping people in this way.


Tania Carrera


I am from Ecuador and I have been working for the district for more than 10 years. I got my degree in Marketing which is a reason I love working with people and talking to them.  I have two children, and we love going on walks to experience Utah’s scenery.  I also enjoy running, dancing, and spending time with my family eating and singing karaoke.

Roselle Harney


I come from a family of teachers, both of my parents were teachers, my grandmother and even my great grandmother were teachers. So, teaching might be in my DNA, as you may have guessed I also enjoy genealogy.  I am fortunate to teach English Language Learners, they are amazing students, willing to work hard, and create new opportunities for their family. Being a part of that journey is a privilege for me.  I have a degree in Music therapy and have worked as a substance abuse counselor, currently I also teach water aerobic classes at the local pool and occasional genealogy classes.